TABLE THAI Level 1: 3 days, 21 CE Hours

  • Work standing at a massage table, not getting up on it, and do the same effective treatment as the traditional Thai on the floor.
  • Learn an 80 minute, smooth-flowing routine for treating the whole body (in 4 positions) that is safe and effective for most clients.
  • Experience and learn Robert’s nurturing style of Thai that achieves deep effects without force by using the dance and meditative qualities of Thai.
  • Learn techniques for range of motion, energy and meridian work, stretching, and several touch techniques including the “Goldilocks touch”.
  • Learn the spiritual foundations of Thai and how to use breathing and meditation to enhance any bodywork.
  • Classes are fully hands on and experiential as Robert works on everyone and guides the class step-by-step with lots of practice.
  • The style taught is similar to that practiced in Chiang Mai (“Northern style”) enhanced with elements from other styles and Robert’s 30 years of experience.
  • Booklet with pictures of all the moves in sequence is included.
  • If a student cannot do all 3 days of Level One, it is possible to do the first or the first and second day and get 8 CE Hours for each day.

Robert guides the course and works on everyone.

LEVEL 1 Schedule 2024

TABLE THAI Level 2 for both floor and table: 3 days, 21 CE Hours


Level 2 focuses on identifying and using the movements and “sen” (energy meridians) to treat specific areas, especially knees, hips, low back, abdomen, and shoulders. Using the same outline for a whole–body treatment used in Level 1, we look at the uses of each movement and “sen” and insert more movements into the outline to better treat certain areas and conditions. Adaptations for special conditions such as hip replacements are shown. Attention is given to improving the practitioner’s body mechanics, rhythmic flow, and work with the energy system. Both floor and table versions are shown so one can choose which version to practice. Adaptations to a chair are also included.

LEVEL 2 Schedule 2024