Choreographed Dance

Another applicable characteristic of dance is continuously moving without stopping till the end.  One can slow way down at certain points or do multiple repetitions of a move for emphasis, but there is always a sense of momentum leading to the end of the song, the final result of the session.  So it is more in keeping with the dance flow to do multiple repetitions of a stretch, going progressively deeper, than to do it once and hold it.  And it is more effective too.

The Thai Bodywork dance that I teach has built into it everything that clients generally need.  It covers every area of the body, all the joints and muscle groups and all the energy meridians and it does it in a sequence that completes the flow of energy throughout the whole body.  So it is necessary to do the whole choreography from feet to head to be complete.  And if you do the whole dance as choreographed it will have a deep, healing effect.  You can trust the whole dance to work.

I say Thai Bodywork is a choreographed dance; so do I always do exactly the ‘same thing’ with every client?  -Yes and No.

I do the same overall structure but may make variations within it to better fit individual needs.  I can add or subtract moves but keep the same sequence.  For example, for low back pain most of the routine from feet to head is beneficial in one way or another.  But if there is a possibility of a more severe condition then I would not do some moves, such as twists, and do all the other moves more slowly and cautiously.  I would emphasize some things like working the energy lines in the back and repeating moves that affect the main muscles in the area.  I would also do variations of some moves that make them more gentle or effective for this condition.   So the sequence and flow would remain basically the same but it might be a slower, more focused dance with some variations.

On the other hand, if there is no pain and the client is just tight, I may do more repetitions of relevant moves, going progressively deeper, and add in other moves that specifically work certain areas.  But in both cases it is still essential to do the whole routine from feet to head because the body is an interconnected system.  All the moves in the choreography will contribute to the relaxation and releasing of the target area by working on the whole system at a deep level.