June 12-13 Asheville in-person class

June 12-13 (Asheville) in-person class

This year, 2021, students will work with videos before coming to an in-person class. Links will be given to videos which teach the entire Table Thai form. (See sample on video page) Students must follow and practice with these videos on their own. Then there will be a group in-person class when I will guide students through the form and give help as needed. Students must have someone they can work while following the videos at home. The live class will meet two days and working with the videos at home will be considered one day. So the total will be three days and 21 CE Hours credit.

Note: Depending on the status of COVID the class may have to change to zoom.

Class: Saturday & Sunday: morning 9:30–12.30 and afternoon 2-5:30

Registration deadline May 29

Level 1 Training, 21 CE Hours $330
Repeat student discount $280