Private Treatments

In 30 years of practice, Robert has treated many types of clients from young athletes and dancers to middle age bodies with aches, pains, and limitations, to his own elderly, frail parents. In the process he has learned how to adapted Thai massage to each person. He has found that a less aggressive style than what is usually done in Thai Yoga, is actually more effective. Bringing out the dance and meditative qualities of Thai, his work is more efficient, deeply therapeutic, AND both relaxing and energizing.  Clients often characterize Robert’s treatments as “nurturing,” “just what I needed,” “the most complete massage.”

Robert offers private treatments by appointment in his Weaverville, NC location, 10 minutes from downtown Asheville, NC.

About Private Treatments

  • Normal treatments take 1½ hours, but please allow 2 hours so we are not rushed.  Price is sliding scale, you choose: $60 -$80
  • Short one-hour treatments are possible; not as complete, but still very therapeutic.  Price: $40 – $60.
  • Wear something comfortable and flexible – not blue jeans.  Please do not wear perfume or anything scented.
  • For appointments contact Robert