This aspect is also evident in the Thai cultural virtues of generosity, compassion, and respect.  Giving Nuat Boran is considered an act of compassion, not just a business, or technical exercise.  So before each session practitioners pause and make a gesture of respect (called wai) to teachers and client.

There are specific meditation practices that develop the attitudes of generosity and compassion called Metta. One does not have to be a Buddhist or even religious to do this practice, but it does help to open one’s heart. It simply involves wishing that others be well and happy and does not require or conflict with any other religious beliefs. But Metta meditation is not just used for training; it is actually practiced during the entire time of giving Nuat Boran. Thus the giving of Nuat Boran is truly a meditation for the practitioner.

From my years of studying and living in Thai monasteries I bring an understanding of this spiritual foundation of Nuat Boran and I use various techniques to introduce it in my workshops.