Table Thai

Complete, Whole-Body Massage Treatment

Table Thai is a complete, whole-body Thai Massage treatment done on a table. It is a 75-90 minute routine in four positions, supine, side-lying, prone, and sitting up with client fully clothed. Robert’s Table Thai routine is the same as his treatment on the floor, with some modifications. On both the floor and table, Robert’s style is less forceful, safer, more efficient, and equally effective as the typical Thai Yoga on the floor.

There are many versions of Thai Massage. In 30 years of practicing several forms of Thai, Robert prefers a version that is more holistic, less forceful, and simpler. He prefers the label “Thai Bodywork”, because “bodywork” is a more holistic term.

Thai Bodywork is a lot more than just physical stretching. It achieves a deep therapeutic effect without force through a smooth-flowing sequence of moves, done rhythmically, to work the entire body, all the joints and main muscle groups as well as energy meridians, using several touch techniques.  Coordinating with breathing, meditation, and energy work also enhances the effect of the work. The whole treatment is dance-like and meditative, resulting in relief from pain, greater flexibility, flow of energy, deep relaxation, and feeling of well-being.  

Working with Energy System is Key

The essence of most Asian bodywork is working with the energy system of the body. Even such outwardly physical moves as stretches in Thai have the deeper intent to effect the flow of energy. The more one knows how to work with the energy system and the whole body, work in rhythm with breathing, and use intention and meditation, the less force one needs to use.

The flashy moves done in Thai Yoga on the floor – though fun to do – can injure clients and are not necessary. Simpler moves which can easily be done on a table are sufficient to achieve a deep therapeutic effect.

Versatility of Table Thai

Table Thai is versatile. It can be done clothed or with draping. It is a standalone treatment, or it can be incorporated into Swedish style treatments. Because it is less forceful, it is appropriate and safe for the majority of clients.

Table Thai is easier for massage therapists who are used to working on a table or do not have room for a mat on the floor. Robert has developed dance-like body mechanics for doing Table Thai that make it easier and more fun for the therapist and also enhance the effect for the client.

For more about Thai Bodywork see Robert’s articles: “Three Essential Parts of Thai Bodywork” and “Principles of Thai Bodywork”.