I have made a series of videos that explain all the techniques and principles of my Table Thai work and guide you through doing all the moves.  These videos are only available when one takes my class, either a live webinar or in-person class.  Students will be required to study a certain portion of the videos before the class.  Students will then get much more out of the live class and the class can then move along easier and quicker.  As a result the live class can be reduced to two days instead of three.  Work with the videos will be considered the third day and the total CE hours given for the class will be 21.

I developed this combination of video and live class in 2020 during COVID to reduce the amount of in-person class time and found that it worked very well.  In fact it seemed more effective for the student to learn the form.  So I will continue it in 2021.

The videos include talks and demonstrations that explain the foundation of Thai Bodywork and all the techniques and principles required to do Table Thai.  They also include guided exercises to help one experience key principles of how the work is done.  A complete 80 minute routine is taught, all on the table.  The routine is broken down into many small sequences with a video that demos and explains how to do each move followed by a video that guides one through practicing that sequence.  Finally, videos guide one through putting the whole routine together.

Below is a sample of a guided practice video for the feet.